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Gorgeous Carat
A community for You Higuri's Gorgeous Carat
29th-Oct-2010 04:00 am
The new issue of Spica is out featuring the new GC chapter. Translation is behind the cut. Also, there are some pictures of Higuri's presentation in Düsseldorf at my lj.

Chapter 4 of GC- Ao no Calanque:

Azura's ...

older sister...?

Don't worry. I'm your ally.

Or to be honest I should better say "Azura's ally". But I will

not harm you.

Azura was worried about you, Maria.


It's ok. He knows that Averu tempted you to do this.

But you didn't finish it. Now his chasers are hunting you too.

Why don't we go to my mansion.
With my protection, Averu will not be able to get you.

That's a generous offer, but...

No worries. This boy is welcome to accompany us - if he's fine

with it.

I promised to protect you. When we reach this place we probably

can't return.

Especially as Azura is involved.



So it's decided.

Follow me.



It's not a long way from here to my mansion.
Be welcome.

Such a beautiful estate...

So. This way, please---
The scenery here is wonderful. I like this place.


This residence is really amazing...and it's just a holiday

house. -- As expected from Roamwell's daughter.


Wh... Wh...
What's that!?

What's going on!?

Trying a frontal attack would be useless.

I knew it. There's a secret hidden in this place.

Shit! This guy's speedy.

I'll search in the house. Search around it.






Excuse me. Have you seen a man here?

Nobody has been here.

I'll serach somewhere else.

--He's gone.

Thank goodness!

--Why are you at here?

Because I've been told something about this place.
In the first place, you know who owns this mansion?

I know... Sara is Azura's older sister -- as it seems...

Floréan, do you know this man?

Uh yes. He's an acquaintance, a detective.

Surely you want to know what I'm doing here.

I'm here because of a mystery I read in a scroll.


All of a sudden, a lone scientist disappeared... his family

mandated me. To get further with my investigations I finally

came here. -- There is something in this mansion --
24th-Jan-2011 05:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the translations! Did you also do the translation for ch 1 and 3? I didn't see those, but may have overlooked it. You are so awesome for translating the chapters for those of us that can't read it :)
24th-Jan-2011 05:47 pm (UTC)
You didn't overlook them - I didn't find the time to complete them until now (ironically because of my japanese classes). I'm trying to update here as soon as possible and if everything works as planned there will be at least one chapter posted this week. If you want to track the tanslations feel free to look at the overview post at my LJ(http://nekoage.livejournal.com/4583.html#cutid1). There's also the link to a short summary of chapter 1 I posted somewhere in this comm.
24th-Jan-2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Thank you :)
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