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Gorgeous Carat
A community for You Higuri's Gorgeous Carat
Fic update 
30th-Aug-2010 06:50 am
Florian - Window
In case anyone's interested, there are a few new fics posted on my lj since the last fic update in March including the polished version of last year's entry for NaNoWriMo. All are rated G or PG, except Mirages, which is R.

Title: Debts (drabble)
Summary: Florian has obligations.

Title: Wounded (drabble)
Summary: Solomon is wounded

Title: Rapunzel (drabble)
Summary: It wasn't easy living in a tower

Title: Talent (drabble)
Summary: Florian has an unusual talent.

Title: Mirages (11 parts, complete)
Summary: AU - Azura challenges Ray to solve a mystery, and Florian is the prize

Title: Housekeeping
Summary: Laila interviews a new maid

Title: Conversation
Summary: "Good morning, Ray."

Title: Diamonds or Ice
Summary: Figure skating crossover. In 1903, Stéphane and Johnny attend a party in Paris. When Johnny is accused of stealing a brooch, Stéphane asks his childhood friend, Florian, for help.

Title: The Club (3 drabbles)
Summary: 3 unconnected drabbles with dark themes

Title: Flawless (drabble)
Summary: "No laughing!" Ray yelled as he stomped into the room
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