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Gorgeous Carat
A community for You Higuri's Gorgeous Carat
29th-Nov-2015 08:17 pm - ANC Ch.12
Okay, I was asking for some help on this chapter but after over a month I'm still waiting for a response, so here is what I come up with. I'll just leave it as is for now so I can focus on the later chapters.

Ch 12Collapse )
11th-Oct-2015 11:51 pm - Some more NPR
While chapter 12 will take me a few more days to post, I finally had time to try out some new techniques on my NPR-Project. Long way to go, but I like the path it is taking now (still no idea how I will get the chinline right). Poor Flo though, no clothes and the only other Character existing so far being Azura...
7th-Oct-2015 07:31 pm - Gorgeous Carat Ao no Calanque Ch.11
So here we go again, finally the translation of ch.11.

Ch. 11Collapse )
9th-Sep-2015 04:52 pm - It's all about Love and Joy
I just had a good laugh, finding out these survived my HDDcrash as well.
Before I started on seriously working on the Rig for my GC-Models, I just put in some MMD-Rig and checked what would happen. I didn't include hair due to the increased Rendertimes and didn't bother to clean or retarget the initial Rig, which adds to the weirdness of the whole stuff (oh yeah and as for the shoes - he still has none...).

Ever wanted to see our beloved rapist and murder Azura (bald) to dance to "Love and Joy" (actually I didn't but curiousity came over me)? Here you go (and the quality is pretty low, since I didn't want to have my computer busy for days)
Careful, this might haunt your dreams...Collapse )
9th-Sep-2015 12:39 am - GC- Arabian Nights
[X-posted from my LJ]
*steps into LJ* Hello??? Someone still here?
I'm back for a little update. A while back, I lost almost all of my data in a double harddrive crash. Deciding that I'll never get the money to get it recovered professionally, I started playing around with it on my own - and yay, I'm getting at least a bit of the data back. Today, when I checked the drive, I'm saving stuff to - my GC Folder popped up. Most of it was corrupted, but one of my WIP states of this was still usable. So here you go. Don't expect a clean scanlation - As far as I've seen it's not even the cleaned up translation, but it appears to be complete and readable. Also it seems that I might be able to recover at least parts of the ANC chapters up to 15 - but don't expect this before october (If I had the time I wouldn't post wound up recoveries of the ALWL Chapter).

So here you go: Gorgeous Carat - Alifu laila wa laila (Arabian nights):

And if you ever wondered, how GC would look like, if it would be done in NPR, you can check here from time to time:
(I'm still working on getting Azura animatable, so no updates recently...)
28th-Jul-2012 11:53 pm - Ao no Calanque Chapter 10

Finally the translation of chapter 10.
As I didn't post the previous chapters here, you can find them here:
Chapter 7-9 (8 and 9 in the comments)

Read more...Collapse )

28th-Jul-2012 01:08 am - New GC Chapter out
Finally, the new chapter of Ao no Calanque is out. As publication changed to Comic Spica, the new chapter isn't available online anymore.

Update: Took me half of the night to figure it out: It's possible to get an online version via binb:
Price is 500 Yen (should be about 6-7$) for the whole issue, viewing seems to be limited (only 2 months available). They do accept credit card, webmoney and paypal.
27th-Jan-2012 01:06 pm - New Spica is out
The February issue of Spica is now available.
Ray and Florian do not appear in this chapter.

20th-Jan-2012 07:53 am - Gorgeous Carat fan art
mselmeg has posted some lovely Gorgeous Carat fan art to the You Higuri Heaven lj comm.

The post is here.
The January 2012 issue of Spica is out, featuring a new chapter of Gorgeous Carat.
Information is here

Anyone want to discuss this new chapter?
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