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Gorgeous Carat

A community for You Higuri's Gorgeous Carat

A community for You Higuri's Gorgeous Carat
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This community is for the series Gorgeous Carat by You Higuri. We also are fans of Gorgeous Carat Galaxy, Gorgeous Carat: La Esperanza, and Gorgeous Carat: Ao no Karanku/Calanque. Basically, all things Gorgeous Carat.

The original Gorgeous Carat is a four-volume series about the young French aristocrat, Florian de Rochefort, who sells himself to his relative Rei Balzac de Courlande to relieve his family’s debt. This relative turns out to be none other than the Mask Noir, the notorious Parisian jewel thief. The four volumes of the manga go on to tell the story of Noir and his two precious amethysts (Florian’s eyes are strikingly purple) as they travel to Morocco, run from the mafia, and search for the treasure of the Knights Templar.

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♥ Please don’t argue/flame. There are so few of us fans that we should all try to get along, please. You guys have been really great about this so far, so, yay!
♥ Don't troll. Just, don't. I know saying this does not stop trolls, but yeah. Point them out and we shall delete them with our awesome mod-powers.
♥ Is it wrong to assume that you should be posting stuff that is Gorgeous Carat related? ^^;; So please, continue doing that.
♥ Posting fanwork should be sort of organised, don’t you think? It really helps me organise everything. Thus, tags to use will be: fanfiction, fanart, graphics, news, and miscellaneous. There can be other, I suppose, but at least use these so it will all be organised a little. If you have a fanfic and a fanart, but only the tag for fanfiction, the mod shall kindly remind you to put the tag for fanart up as well. No biggie.
♥ UPDATE: Since the series has grown to include La Esperanza and Ao no Karanku/Calanque, you can also use these as tags, naturally. Spica can also be used to tag any posts relating to that site. Basically, just use common sense when tagging.
♥ The format for posting fanwork will be something easy-breezy. Just Title, Artist/Author/Creator/Almighty, Character/Pairing, and Rating/Warning. Summary or No Summary depends on you, though they are nice. Livejournal etiquette demands an lj-cut to hide everything behind. If you believe what you are posting is going to do horrible, ugly things to another’s f-list or layout, it ought to be put behind an lj-cut.
♥ Remember that the mod is kinda spacey and extremely busy, so self-givernment is encouraged. Heh. Just don't get out of hand.
♥ Note: AND YES YOU CAN DO INTRO POSTS~~!!! There are not many of us, so feel free to introduce yourself. ^___^

Random bits of the whole four volumes, some scanslated, some not
♥ This community itself features some translations of the more recent releases.
♥ Sites such as Mangafox and other scan hosting sites are a good resource, as well. In 2015, I'm assuming we all know how to use these.
♥ Resources are always changing when you go the free route, so, if there are any particularly important sites you think offer reliable scans, translations, and scanlations, share them! :)

♥ Amazon carries the original four volume series, as it is licensed by Tokyopop and released through Blu Manga. Gorgeous Carat Galaxy is also available in English on Amazon.
♥ So far La Esperanza I've only found in German.

Gorgeous Carat on ff.net
♥ If you have/know any fan sites related to Gorgeous Carat, feel free to notify us and we'll share it here!

LJ Links:
gc_scans -- a community for scanlating the current chapter of Gorgeous Carat: La Esperanza
higuriyou -- a communtiy for Higuri You, GC's mangaka.


[Note: And our commu is open to affliates. Not too picky about it, even, since there are not too many Gorgeous Carat centric places on livejournal. ^_^]

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