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Gorgeous Carat
A community for You Higuri's Gorgeous Carat
ANC Ch.12 
29th-Nov-2015 08:17 pm
Okay, I was asking for some help on this chapter but after over a month I'm still waiting for a response, so here is what I come up with. I'll just leave it as is for now so I can focus on the later chapters.

Hey, long time no see!!
Glad to see you're safe and well.
What in the world is going on here!?
They are my former playmates.
We went to this holiday house here and asked them to search for you-
It was always fun to pretend being detectives. Of course we never expected to ever have to rescue a real person.
You never know what to do with your spare time.
However... how did you know I was over there...
Sara said it...
"don't let that detective Solomon creep in the island"
-- that's why...
She wanted to catch you. -- Sara wanted them to get after you until you're... dead - we heard her say it.
What in the world have you been investigating there?
What on earth is the Roamwellclan doing there?
Why do you want to know this?
Whatever you are investigating
Ray most likely got dragged into it. I need to know in what kind of danger he is.
Ray... he is also here in Nice?
Yes... he is in Sara's holiday house.
--Ray got... involved in this...!?
I hate to say it but
Could you please let us alone for a minute.
We need to talk about something important.
Why are you so dull?
I'll make up for it afterwards... so
Now Solomon...
tell us what you found out
What have you seen on thie island?
--Well were the hell am I supposed to start?
I was investigating the sudden disappearance of a certain scientist.
His family requested me to search for him...
PhD Pierre Tsurado...
A physicist well known as genius among other scientists...to say the least
However... his inventions did not bring him a lot of sympathy among people - he was treated as a mad scientist.
I found out that he was seen arriving at Sara's residence when suddenly all traces of his whereabouts ended.
At the mansion I didn't even think about the island.
But there was a harbour with lots of boats.
I got on one of the boats-
And sneaked in the island.
There were armed guardians loitering everywhere. So I was confident and told myself: "There is some secret hidden on this island."
From the beginning of my investigation on, I was certain that the Roamwell family was involved in the disappearance of PhD Tsurado.
I was hoping to find evidence to make public the real face of the Roamwell financial clan- it would be my dearest wish come true...
Your dearest wish?
-- Yeah. That's my private thing...
Anyhow, where was I---
I managed to hide from these guys and made it into a stronghold.
There was a passage to the basement
--where do these stairs lead to?--
Where do they end...
Seriously where am I?
Wh...What is this...!?
A laboratory...
Is someone there?
A... are you PhD Pierre Tsurado!?
No... I was the doctor's younger assistant. Walton is my name.
Tsurado, what happened to him?
He's dead. Since last month...
Dead...? Did these Roamwellguys kill him?
Seems you're not one of the usual people here.
It was suicide... The doctor ended his life on his own.
So here starts the part I have to skip for now. Walton starts to explain what the research was focused on. Basically they were researching on nuclear power focused on radium and uranium. There are some explanations on the historical background in the second half of 19th century.
On page 12, after finishing his explanations, Walton goes on:
But... there is only a thin line between a genius and a lunatic.
-- You made quite some effort searching for the doctor and even coming here...
Yes, I am detective Solomon Sugar. Doctor Tsurado's family hired me to find out his whereabouts.
I see... The doctor didn't tell his family about his whereabouts...
Not unusual... considering he was advancing in demonic researches...
heh... demonic research...!?
I get lost in the terms here as well - basically he tells Solomon that the research they did opened up the fields to create atomic bombs
Atomic... energy...? Does that mean---?
It made him mad... he became obsessed with the idea... like a delusional spoiled child...
He continued his studies in hope of getting a lot of money out of it. He found the assistance needed in the chairman of the Roamwell financial clan - J.D. Roamwell
John Debis Roamwell!!
At last... I have found the evidence...!!
Of course, for the public he was investing in alternate energy development. The doctor and I got lead to this island.
Once there... the doctor got completely lost in his researches
And at some point he was completely posessed by it...
He finally completed a blueprint.
At this point in history, mankind obtained a knowledge no one would have thought possible... the plan of a terrific destructive power able to slaughter masses.
--- Immediately after that, the doctor killed himself.
To prove himself, he became a devil.
He couldn't stand it any longer... At least that is what he wrote in his last will...
30th-Nov-2015 07:10 am (UTC)
Thank you for your translation!
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